Plans & Pricing

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2 Local Numbers
100 Units
50 Texts
Add Numbers $4
Add Units 6.5¢
Add Texts 1.6¢
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4 Local Numbers
500 Shared Units
50 Texts
Add Numbers $3.50
Add Units 5¢
Add Texts 1.6¢
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10 Local Numbers
1,200 Units
50 Texts
Add Numbers $2.50
Add Units 4.5¢
Add Texts 1.6¢
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25 Local Numbers
2,500 Units
50 Texts
Add Numbers $2
Add Units 4.3¢
Add Texts 1.6¢
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Roar / Premium

100 Numbers, 20,000 Units, 
Add Numbers $2, Add Units 3.9¢


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Package Add-ons

Indefinite Backups
Call Recording Long-Term Storage
All call recordings are kept for 30 days by default.
With this add-on, we will store all of your recordings indefinitely!
$10 monthly
Tagging Service
Human Call Tagging
Have us tag your calls for you!
The first 200 calls are included, 25¢ per additional call.
$50 monthly

Included in All Plans

  • Call Recordings
  • Whisper (say to caller/answerer before connecting)
  • Call Analytics
  • Call Tagging
  • Dynamic Number Cloaking Tool for Your Website
  • Call Transcription
  • Instant Email Call Alerts
  • Call Forwarding Windows
  • SMS/MMS two way texting
  • Return Calls, masked through tracking numbers
  • Unanswered Call Statistics
  • Blacklist and Block Callers
  • Call Location and Heat Map
  • Caller I.D.
  • Caller history

Billing Specifics

Toll Free Numbers are $1.00/month more than a Local number. If you have a Whisper plan and you select a fifth number and it is Toll Free, your monthly bill will be increased by $6. If the Toll Free number is within your Included numbers, your bill would be increased by $1.

The base for a Unit is one minute call time through a local number. Inbound and Outbound calls are counted the same. Local Inbound SMS is FREE. Local Outbound SMS, and Local MMS in both directions are one Unit.

Toll Free call minutes, SMS, and MMS, all Inbound and Outbound are counted at 2.5 units.

Call Transcripts are one unit per call minute, for Local and Toll Free alike.

Prefer a personal demo?

Schedule a one on one meeting with one of our Account Executives.  Get a walk-through of VocalCola and discuss with us how it can be customized to fit your goals.  Learn about key features and how they could benefit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a customer service phone number?

Yes! We take great pride in having excellent customer service. You can call our help desk at (833) 722-5575 Monday- Friday 8A- 5P central time. Or send an email to [email protected]

Can I port my call tracking numbers from another company to VocalCola?

Absolutely! We will help with the transfer and assure you no down time. We have no fees for import or export, however other companies may have a fee to port away the numbers to us.

How do I install VocalCola call tracking on my website?

We provide a simple JavaScript code that you or your website administrator can install. It dynamically replaces the phone numbers on your website when a visitor from an appropriate traffic source is detected (for instance, from Google Adwords, Google Maps, Facebook, etc.).

What happens if I run out of minutes?

After you reach your allotted minutes for your package you will simply be billed by the minute for the overages. Cost is determined by the package plan you are on. If you consistently go over, it may be in your best interest to upgrade to a higher package with more allotted minutes.  See the Pricing page for specifics.

What happens if I don't use all my minutes?

Unused monthly plan call minutes will expire on the last day of each billing cycle. Monthly plan credits do not rollover and cannot be refunded.

What happens if I cancel my account?

We don’t require long-term contracts, you can cancel your account or any single phone number at any time. If you cancel, your phone numbers will be disabled at the end of your billing cycle and calls will no longer be forwarded to your business. Number Retention specifics can be found in our Knowledge Base.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be ecstatic with your service. You can call our help desk anytime Monday-Friday 8am-5p central time if you are having an issue. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will do everything in our power to fix your problem expediently. Though we can’t give you a refund on past bills, you can cancel your service at anytime.

Ready for Action?

Take advantage of our two week Free Trial and see how our system stacks up against your current call tracking service.  No obligation, you just have to provide a number for us to forward calls to get started.
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