Plans and Pricing

We get it, you want things to be simple.  No problem.  Pick a package, and we will handle the rest.



- 4 Local Numbers
- 500 Shared Units
- Add Numbers +$5.00
- Add Units +5.0¢
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- 10 Local Numbers
- 1,200 Shared Units
- Add Numbers +$3.00
- Add Units +4.5¢
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- 25 Local Numbers
- 2,500 Shared Units
- Add Numbers +$2.50
- Add Units +4.0¢
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- 100 Local Numbers
- 20,000 Shared Units
- Add Numbers +$2.00
- Add Units +3.5¢
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Included in All Plans

  • Call Recordings
  • Whisper (say to caller/answerer before connecting)
  • Call Analytics
  • Call Tagging
  • Dynamic Number Cloaking Tool for Your Website
  • Call Transcription
  • Instant Email Call Alerts
  • Call Forwarding Windows
  • SMS/MMS two way texting
  • Return Calls, masked through tracking numbers
  • Unanswered Call Statistics
  • Blacklist and Block Callers
  • Call Location and Heat Map
  • Caller I.D.
  • Caller history

Billing Specifics

Toll Free Numbers are $1.00/month more than a Local number. If you have a Whisper plan and you select a fifth number and it is Toll Free, your monthly bill will be increased by $6. If the Toll Free number is within your Included numbers, your bill would be increased by $1.

The base for a Unit is one minute call time through a local number. Inbound and Outbound calls are counted the same. Local Inbound SMS is FREE. Local Outbound SMS, and Local MMS in both directions are one Unit.

Toll Free call minutes, SMS, and MMS, all Inbound and Outbound are counted at 2.5 units.

Call Transcripts are one unit per call minute, for Local and Toll Free alike.

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